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[Like Cats And Dogs] Conclusion - Storyteller Dark - 06-24-2021

Some of the dogs had, in the end, broken their bonds of obedience and tried--here and there, and without success--to prey on the cats as they always had.

That, of course, was before they knew the cats could all speak. And before they'd seen the tiger.

"The giant tabby with knife-teeth," some of them called him, tails between their legs as they'd admitted where they'd been, what they'd seen. "God-Sent," the cats had whispered, trailing the tiger in the shadows of the alleyways.

Perhaps Rakesh still lingered in the city, somewhere--an indifferent god for the colony of cats. All that could be said for sure was that the dogs had avoided the Lionshadow ever since, and the Tiger God's name was still whispered in soft-hissed reverence.


This provides an off-screen conclusion for Like Cats and Dogs! Player characters can have reacted in any way; this post only defines the action of the non-player characters to provide a framework for closure.