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Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Ganymedes - 08-17-2020

Gore warning!!! Basically for the entire thread.

The past three days had been awful. They'd felt so weak that their wolf form shed itself away from them, meaning they had to suffer through the cold in their bare human form. They staggered forward through the trees, breath fogging in front of their face. It would even if it wasn't cold, for they were running so hot that they were convinced their insides were cooking.

Their face was flushed as they staggered, half-blind by sickness as the sun slowly set, the stars coming out. Once the sun was gone, they too would be. And they couldn't take any chances.

A snap followed by a pained groan echoed through the trees, their stringy ebony hair hanging in front of their face as they braced themselves against a tree. Another snap and their back broke, sending them falling to the ground. They let out an agonized wail as the transformation began, convulsing on the ground as their eyes rolled back, nails turning to claws as they raked through the soil. They screamed as their face contorted and teeth shifted and ground against each other, ears moving upon their head as their spine extended and grew, a tail pushing itself from their back.

The transformation was gruesome, nothing like the fluid shift they could achieve when they weren't fighting the wolf, so scared to lose themselves that they'd go through Hell just to avoid it.

But they couldn't in the end. They never would.

A snarl echoed through the trees as the hulking beast pushed itself to its feet, bigger than the normal wolf shape it took, with long fangs and bloodshot eyes, its claws thicker and hands gone in place of thick fingers with thicker claws. The wolf was an entity unlike any other, and it licked its chops, scenting the air for anything it could hunt and kill.

It turned in the direction of an animal scent, a rabbit, and tore off after it. The poor thing stood no chance, and fell prey to its jaws, snapped up in a matter of seconds and then devoured. Anything that crossed its path would be, in the end.


RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Storyteller Dark - 08-18-2020

A distant voice, like a whisper, through the shrouded trees of the Tangle:

"...It wasn't meant to be like that..."

Yet it was almost more in Ganymedes' mind than touching their hearing: a murmur of knowledge, as if an outside thought intruding into their own head. As teeth crushed into fur and meat, as blood ran over tongue, the thought-voice continued in the murky distance. "No, it wasn't on PURPOSE. -It's effective, though, isn't it..? Fine. FINE. I'll see if I can change it later."

The voice faded, the thoughts gone, but something seemed to linger.

RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Matchsticks - 08-18-2020

The sounds were impossible to miss. Groans. Snarls. The crack of bone and twig echoing through the muffled darkness of the trees.

Matchsticks, curiosity immediately piqued, flapped rapidly through the trees. His form--like a black and feathered, tiny missile--barreled through the upper canopy, rising higher as he drew closer (just in case it was something dangerous, something that could fly and reach him).

He arrived in time to see the form of some big, dark beast rush off into the trees, and curiosity drove him onward. The crow followed, each flap of his wings a quiet whap in the cool air.

The kill was... something else. Savage, abrupt, brutal. Matchsticks landed high above, staring down, and then emitted a few loud, obnoxious caws, as if to announce his presence.

"ANOTHER one of you?" he cried, not recognizing the bulkier, nastier form of Ganymedes changed below him. "YOU'RE LIKE RAW-STER, RIGHT? And Ganym... Edes?" It wasn't a name he was super familiar with pronouncing--neither of them were; and the crow laughed raucously. "What are you things called, anyway?" he asked.

And then, eyeing the beast where it obscured the ground below, "You got any food left? You gonna eat all that?" he asked.

RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Ganymedes - 08-19-2020

With drool and gore dripping from their jaws, the wolf growled, pawing at their head. They didn't like things in their head... they didn't want things in their head! To the moon they looked, red eyes taking on a white reflection in the gloom, their Goddess looking down on them with her two bright eyes, blue and green. She gave no guidance, no hope.

Alone they would remain.

The screeching of a crow made them turn, growling softly as the screaming hurt their ears. With a snarl and a baying howl, they snapped at the bird, despite being much too low to catch it.

"SHUT UP!!!", they screamed, "DIE- FEED ME!!"

The hunger in their ribs was insatiable, and they couldn't help but try to quell it. They were desperate to cure their hunger, the aching, the agony. It hurt like a thousand hot coals in their stomach, begging them to stop it.




RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Matchsticks - 08-19-2020

Matchsticks stared down blankly. "You know, if you keep bein' THAT loud, the Thornbeasts are gonna start turning up, asshole," he warned, the last word tacked on purely in a brief spatter of malice. But the first bit was a real warning: the Thornbeasts lurked the tangle and the wolf-creature's constant roars (did he sorta sound like Ganymedes too? -nah, must just be the wind) were bound to attract attention. At least Matchstick's caws might be recognized as a crow; the Thornbeasts had learned they couldn't catch birds easily and didn't really bother with him.

He ruffled his feathers, again. "Anyway, if you're hungry, use your nose, I guess." A pause, and he eyed maybe-Ganymedes critically. "I can help ya look from the trees, if you promise to give me food and NOT EAT ME," he added, in a loud crow.

Really, that seemed fair. Crow did the scouting. Wolf-dude did the hunting, the killing. And then they both did the eating. It wasn't like Matchsticks ate much, anyway.


RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Ganymedes - 08-19-2020

Everything in it screamed to kill, to eat, to devour. Logic wasn't something the beast knew, hence why Ganymedes fought to keep it down and contained. It didn't understand compromises, or deals, or bargains. It understood that the bird was food, and offered food, and it couldn't figure out which one it wanted more.

Stock-still, it stared up at the bird, licking it's chops and pawing at the ground, turning in a circle. It prayed to the Goddess again, begging her to help him choose.

Alas, she remained silent. Its decision remained undecided.

A voice that had been shoved down told it to hunt, to listen for once.

With a growl, the wolf turned, spinning on its hind legs to face the darkness. Turning its head, it glared at Matchsticks, uneasy about the partnership, and pointed off into the trees. It took off, teeth clenched and bared, nose picking up every scent it could, the rotting leaves, the scent of a two-day old deer trail, the nest of an angry skunk, a badger, a squirrel.

So many choices, but it looked up at the crow, wondering if it was truly on its side.




RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Matchsticks - 08-20-2020

The crow watched as Ganymedes considered his offer. It was turning, sniffing, frustrated: but when it moved off into the darkness, it did turn back and look at him.

Matchstick's whole demeanor changed, then. Uncharacteristically silent, focused: this was the keenness of a predator. ...Well, an omnivore, anyway; but he was on the hunt. In a quiet ruffle of black feathers he took flight, sailing and darting through the twisted branches and foliage of the Tangle, his red eyes searching the dark forest floor from above.

He flitted this way and that, silent, emitting only the occasional croak when he thought that the wolf-beast had lost him. Even then, he flitted back, circling overhead to check on its position.

Eventually Matchsticks found what he was looking for--though he didn't know this predator's capabilities, didn't know if it could actually pick prey from what he'd found. Or well, whatever had made the smattering of dish-sized, cloven hoofprints in the dark soil. A few more flits and he located them: a herd of six or seven feral cattle slowly browsing their way in near-silence through the dark underbrush, their muscled bodies shouldering past the vines.

Matchsticks swept back to Ganymedes, alighting on a branch higher up (just in case; the thing hardly seemed in control of itself) and calling down as quietly as he could.

"There's some cows, up ahead. There's a bull with 'em. Careful," he advised--though realistically, it didn't matter who died.

As long as Matchsticks was left with a body to eat.

find prey?



RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Viti - 08-20-2020


The night was meant for resting and surrendering your mind to the soothing darkness, to finally give in and close your eyes. Viti was doing just that, resting on a strong tree branch which was high enough for any ground predator to snatch him away. Any ordinary predator walking down below, at least.

His peaceful slumber was disturbed by strange sounds coming from nearby and it didn't take long for the scent of a fresh kill to find its way to his nose. It wasn't particularly strong, but it was still there. Pale, yellow eyes flutter open and the crane pulls his head out of the comfort of his wing in order to find out what was going on. There was some tension in his body and the black feathers of his long neck ruffled out to show for it. That was only natural, his body was prepared for the worst.

For now Viti was unaware about the exact whereabouts of the crow and the bloodthirsty shifter with him, but he was awake and watching, getting more aware about the ungraceful herbivores nearby as well. Lord have mercy- they stinked! The sense of smell wasn't what cranes were known for, but Viti didn't need that when the gentle breeze blew past the herd, carrying their scent with it, straight to him and everyone else happening to face the winds.

Ganymedes & Matchsticks

RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Ganymedes - 08-20-2020

Gore warning!

With a wet snarl, they took off into the darkness, red eyes flashing before their dark fur disappeared into the trees. They smelled another first, instinct immediately urging them to go for the easier prey, but they knew that they'd be sated after gorging themselves on a larger meal.

Circling around to the side, they immediately caught sight of a weaker member, limping gently, a rock caught in her hoof. She struggled to keep up, but had managed so far, a gentle trickle of blood leaking from where the stone was lodged in between her hooves. It looked painful, but it also looked like she was an easier target than the others.

The wolf lunged out and spooked the herd, managing to shove himself into the weak bovine's chest, shoving her away and sending her running. They followed her, gaining distance away from the herd and their sharp hooves, and the bull with sharper horns. Once they deemed it safe, they lunged.

Teeth tore into a warm throat, severing the pulse and killing the cow in seconds. If she struggled, she didn't for long, their attack quick and precise.

With a growl, they dug into warm meat, claws digging into the cow's fur as he tore strips of muscle off and snapped them up, stuffing themself full of what they could. They didn't care what went into their mouth. Skin, fur, meat, bone. Their teeth ground it up and down it went.

Glancing at the crow, they pinned their ears, but allowed it to land and eat, as well. They weren't at all happy about sharing their food, though.


Roll to herd weak cow away from the herd.

Roll to kill the cow.


RE: Lycanthropy And How to Survive It - Storyteller Dark - 08-21-2020

A bull was not the sort of creature to flee a predator; indeed, the bellow he emitted upon even seeing Ganymedes was a bass, snorting bellow that warned of deep and unfaltering aggression. Attacking a cow herd with a bull still present was likely not the wisest course, but Ganymedes was about to learn this lesson the hard way.

Head low, horns down, the bull charged--the cow was separated out, Ganymedes on the other side, and so it took the bull a moment to get around his cow to attack this new and bizarre-looking predator. A little over a ton of weight was barrelling on angry hooves, the horns driving for Ganymedes, aiming to impale them.

Hopefully the werewolf would dodge in time to actually learn this lesson...

The bull is attempting to gore Ganymedes.