Full Version: Favor Claims
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Here, players may claim earned Favor and Experience for their characters. Favor may be earned by participating in Alignment-themed Story and Event threads, or by using certain abilities that grant Favor.

This thread can also be used to request the purchase of Boons, and Blessings that require a minimum amount of Favor to purchase; when claiming, please ensure that your character has both sufficient Experience to pay, and sufficient Favor to reach the item you wish.

Favor is not consumed when purchasing experience-bought items that require certain Favor levels. Experience is consumed when purchasing these Shop items.

Please note in your claim if your character is carrying a Totem (skilled learned in exp shop) for double Favor gains.


Favor can be claimed for:

Use of any Aligned ability, or Prayer. Limit once per ability, per character, per thread (so if Prayer + Rend are both used, you may claim 2 Favor).
Taking part in a special thread, particularly Story threads and Events, that specify that Favor will be earned.

Experience can be claimed for:

Thread completion. Each thread successfully exited is worth 25 exp (minimum 5 total posts).
Fight Participation. Each completed fight is worth 25 exp. (minimum 8 total fight posts, so four rounds per char in a two-character battle).
Advertising. Remember to follow other site's link-back rules in advertising. Each ad posted on another site is worth 5 exp.
Referrals. If you refer a new member who registers an account, you may claim 25 exp.

Experience is also automagically granted for posting threads and posts, and does not need to be claimed.


<b>Claiming:</b> (what are you claiming?)
<b>Proof:</b> (link(s) to Favor-gain or exp gain, if applicable)

XP awarded! Thank you!!

Character: Ginger
Claiming another 5 exp for one ad lol